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What to do with your pool after a big storm

Southeast Queensland is notorious for wild summer storms. Not only is it a good idea to batten down the hatches and cut down over-hanging branches before storm season, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for your pool for when a big storm hits. If your pool overflows during a big storm, there are a few things you may need to do to ensure your pool is in tip top condition.

1. Clear the pool area of leaves, branches and other debris. 

If you have a lot of debris around and in your pool following a storm, these can be safety hazards. Get the kids in on the act to help clean up the pool area and put unwanted green waste in the compost heap.

2. Check your filter

If a lot of debris has fallen in the pool during a storm, your filter may get clogged.

3. Check your water Ph levels

It’s wise to take a sample of pool water to the pool shop for testing after a big storm, particularly if your pool overflows as you may need to top it up with salt or other pool chemicals (depending on the type of pool you have).

4. Don’t panic if your pool overflows

It is a common belief that pools overflowing, flood a yard or dwelling. It is not siphoning. It is overflowing. That means one drop of rain in, one drop out of the pool. It’s like a cup. Once full, if you put one drop in, one drop goes out and the cup does not empty. I hope this explains that the pool is not flooding your yard or house. In fact, to fill the pool to the point of overflow has captured, maybe a thousand litres or more which did not run into your yard.