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How much does it really cost to build a concrete pool in Ipswich, Brisbane, and surrounding suburbs?

If you’ve seen advertising for in-ground pools claiming that you can have your dream pool for a seemingly cheap ‘budget price,’ you might be left wondering “how?” and, “what are the hidden costs?”

The most important thing you can do as a buyer, is become informed, so talk to us at Evans and Evans Pools. We are an established pool building company, reputable, modern, knowledgeable, flexible and experienced. We answer all your questions honestly and guide you through construction plans, budget, comparison and scheduling.

The following questions below are just a select few selling factor examples that Evans and Evans Pools inform buyers to consider.

  • Is your pool quoted in square metres or lineal metres?
  • What excavation fees are included?
  • Coping width and product being used?
  • Is there doming of walls/ floors?
  • Is your filtration equipment adequate/ and of quality?
  • Are you getting watertight insurance ?

Examples like these, when compared and considered, ultimately contribute to drastic price variations when shopping for a pool.

So, what other main costs are associated with building a pool anyway?

When you decide on purchasing a pool, you’ll need to keep in mind that most pool builders build the pool and generally, you need to take care of the surrounds which will make the pool look even more spectacular. (Unless of course, you want the pool builder to manage the entire project, including aspects such as landscaping, fencing and electrical work).

Budget for fencing, a must!

In order for your pool to be filled and certified as safe by the local council, you need to ensure it is adequately fenced. Many people opt for standard pool fencing. A 1200 mm high pool fence is about $100 a metre and gates are approximately $450 with a magnet latch (at time of writing this article). If you get someone to install it, add the cost of installation (probably around $50 a metre). Other types of fencing include glass panels, colourbond, and timber.

Budget for electrical work, another necessity.

With any pool, there is wiring that needs to be done, including earth wire connection, power point and switch installation, tariff set up if desired, and lighting set up. For this, you need a qualified electrical contractor.

Budget for the obvious, water.

Many people forget that filling a pool means a higher water bill for that month.

Budget for Landscaping

Your pool won’t come with an instant garden and surrounds; so, you need to factor in additional costs such as accompanying paving, concreting, tiling, decking, outdoor rooms (Bali huts), gardens, plants, turf, and retaining walls. Sometimes retaining walls can become cost effective by being designed into your pool, like in the example below.

Budget for potential damage to other areas of your yard and driveway.

Remember, building a pool means having machinery in your backyard. Although all due care is taken, sometimes unavoidable damage can result to other paved areas, concrete walkways/ driveways, garden beds, plants, trees and turf.

Other factors to consider and budget for.

Heating, water features, pool covers, pool cleaners, waterslides, back wash connections ( in certain areas such as Ipswich), are also among the numerous other factors which need to be considered and budgeted for.

Purchasing a pool constitutes a considerable investment, which will create significant change to your property and lifestyle. When you’re getting quotes for a pool, invest your time in becoming adequately informed and be sure to factor in the additional costs mentioned above. Also, always and carefully check your contract to see what’s included and what isn’t. Being informed and knowing what additional costs to expect can save you a lot of heartache at the end of the day.